Chemical Grout Injection is a Perth based company specialising in underpinning and soil retention for the residential and commercial construction industry as well as the domestic market. While we are based in Perth, we are happy to travel anywhere in Western Australia.

Chemical Grout Injection primarily uses a technique known as ‘Permeation Grouting’ to install grout blocks or curtains in the soil. Microfine or Ultrafine cement is mixed with water and plasticiser, then injected into the ground. The grout mix permeates through the sand particles and solidifies forming a permanent block of soil that has an improved load carrying capacity.

In addition to this, Chemical Grout Injection is also able to install in situ bored or augured concrete piles. These may be required to transfer load from the building, deeper into the soil to improve the foundations, or to meet Water Corp’s zone of influence requirements for building near their services.

With the ever increasing cost of land construction, below ground level is becoming more feasible to take maximum advantage of your plot. Whether it is the construction of a basement, excavation of a swimming pool or the installation of a wine cellar, Chemical Grout Injection can help with engineered solutions.

We are fully insured, including a public liability cover of $10 million. The excavation of all installed work is checked by Chemical Grout Injection on the day, giving you and your earthwork contractors peace of mind. We can also provide free consultation with your architect, designer or engineer allowing you to ensure you get maximum efficiency from the product, as well as negating the need for more complicated solutions, such as: sheet or contiguous piling.

Chemical Grout Injection understand that the need for soil retention is not always foreseeable and therefore often discovered late in the process, having significant impact on a projects critical path. We are committed to responding quickly to enquiries and providing a site assessment and quotation without delay. All quotations and advice are free and with no obligation.

What We Offer


A cost effective solution negating the need for more complicated techniques such as sheet piling and contiguous piling. Chemical Grout Injection also allows for expedited construction programmes where deep excavations can be confined on the site allowing for different levels of retaining footings to be installed in one pour.


The ability to be executed in locations with limited access, unlike other retention methods. Chemical Grout Injection methods are well suited to the sandy soils of Perth and surrounding areas.


Low impact on neighbouring properties, with no vibrations and virtually no noise. Grout can be installed through small holes typically 30mm in diameter allowing for it to be injected through finishes such as concrete paths and basement walls.