Chemical Grout Injection | Karrinyup
Chemical Grout Injection is a Perth based company specialising in underpinning, soil retention, waterproofing, and concrete piles to the residential and commercial construction industry. Work is carried out with the injection of microfine cement and a water reducing agent. This process is referred to as permeation grouting.
Soil Stabilisation, Settlement Underpinning, Basement Waterproofing, Stabilising Failing Retaining Walls, Concrete Piles, Microfine Cement, Pressure Grouting, Permeation Grouting, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Project Details:
Facilitating the construction of a steel post and concrete panel wall system that would allow for this steep lot to be subdivided into two while maintaining the existing home.
Due to the deflection experienced in post and panel walls generally, they are not suitable for surcharge loads of structures. In this case achieving the minimum site lot area dictated by the R-codes required that the retaining system employed took up the minimum amount of space possible. As such, the project engineer designed a permanent grout block solution for this site that would then be faced with a steel post and panel wall system. The gap was later infilled with stabilised sand mixed onsite.
CGI Scope:
-Onsite testing.
-Underpin the existing brick wall with hit and miss concrete foundations.
-Install the permanent grout block to the engineers specification.
-Supervise the excavation and cutting back of the grout wall as required to install the steel posts.
-Mix and place the stabilised backfill between the existing grout block and the new post and panel wall.
-After sales support.