Chemical Grout Injection | Perth City
Chemical Grout Injection is a Perth based company specialising in underpinning, soil retention, waterproofing, and concrete piles to the residential and commercial construction industry. Work is carried out with the injection of microfine cement and a water reducing agent. This process is referred to as permeation grouting.
Soil Stabilisation, Settlement Underpinning, Basement Waterproofing, Stabilising Failing Retaining Walls, Concrete Piles, Microfine Cement, Pressure Grouting, Permeation Grouting, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Perth City

Project Details:
Install grout injection below isolated pad foundations prior to pouring due to poor compaction results.
Details of strength, block size and shape were supplied by the clients engineer following onsite compaction testing.
Traditional compaction methods were unsuitable for the site as the depths of excavation required to increase the compaction level would undermine adjacent structures as well as resulting in large time delays.
CGI Scope:
-Carry out onsite testing.
-Execute the installation of grout block to clients engineer’s specification.
-Reporting to the engineer and builder.
-Supervising the excavation.
-After sales support.